004 Inbound Marketing – Four Questions You Must Answer

Understand how to create Inbound Marketing ContentWhen it comes to Inbound Marketing and creating online content, business people generally have long lists of questions. You don’t need to look far to find loads of engaging, useful video, audio and written content on the internet. It all looks great. It seems to work. You’d like to try it. But when it comes time to start creating your own business content, things can get downright overwhelming. It’s blank page syndrome. Where do you start?

Unfortunately, the daunting list of questions stops many people in their tracks, and prevents them from building valuable connections with customers.

Any big, unfamiliar problem can be solved by breaking it down into manageable chunks. Inbound and Content marketing are no different. In this session of the Helpful Marketing Podcast, we’ll begin to break down the problem and  look at each of these key questions:

How can Inbound Marketing help my business?

What should I say in my content?

How do I produce content?

How do I get people to listen to my content?

The good news… You don’t need all the answers to each of these questions to get started creating valued content. Hopefully, this discussion will help you get “un-stuck,” so you can start connecting now.

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