001 What Is Helpful Marketing? – 21st Century Marketing – Inaugural Episode

Welcome to the inaugural episode of  The Helpful Marketing Podcast! Glad you’re here!

This podcast is all about sharing ideas and insights to help you grow your business by harnessing the power of online marketing.

What is Helpful Marketing?

When it comes to building business, the Internet and social media have changed the game. They’ve enable a more savvy, educated customer that seeks out information and knows what companies they want to work with before businesses even “meet” them.

To compete, businesses need to reach and truly help customers before they come to the door. But how?

The answer: Inbound marketing, content marketing, Permission Marketing

By any name, it’s all Helpful Marketing. It’s all about building communities of customers and prospects by freely sharing your unique insight and expertise.  Using dynamic online media like video, podcasts and blogs, you can impart true value to your customers in the way they want to receive it. By starting the conversation, you, the business expert, build trust and rapport, turning a casual viewer into a buyer and then into a lifelong customer.

Imagine a steady stream of customers, coming through your business’ door, day and night, seeking your help and expertise. With that kind of customer contact, wouldn’t your business grow by leaps and bounds? Prospects are better qualified, customers are better educated, and sales cycles shrink dramatically. Best of all your marketing works for you, while you focus on other aspects of the business (or get some rest!).

Compete on a Level Playing Field

The Internet hasn’t only changed customers. It’s leveled the competition playing field for all sized businesses. You don’t need a Madison Avenue-size marketing budget or a Hollywood production company on your side. Producing online audio, video and written content has become easy and affordable.  Now, even the smallest businesses can reach and attract customers in ways that were previously reserved only for the largest companies.

Inbound [Helpful] marketing can be your entire marketing strategy or it can complement what you already do. You don’t necessarily need to change your message, just shift how you deliver it.

Thank you for listening!

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    • says

      Dr. R:
      Thank you for listening and for the kind words. I’m working on episode 2 for this week. Thanks to your encouragement, “Draft” is coming down, and I’m ready to roll with regular episodes.

      I’m working on getting this site functional and user-friendly as well as iTunes, etc. In the meantime, please check back here. I promise to make it easier for you.

      I really appreciate the comments! Marshall

    • says

      Hi Brad:

      Thank you for listening and commenting. I’m setting up “Helpful Marketing Podcast” on iTunes. Hopefully will be there this week.

      I initially created this episode as a pilot to see how it would work out. Thanks to listeners and comments from people like you, I have my answer. “Keep going!”

      New episode coming this week. Please check back. I’m also working on my subscription feeds to make this easier to access. Sorry for inconvenience.

      Thanks again, Marshall

  1. says

    Marshall. Thanks for starting this podcast. After listening to the first episode, I can’t wait to listen to the next one. Content marketing, Inbound marketing, Permission marketing..whatever you call it, it is the future of marketing. Especially for small business it allows us to leverage our knowledge with modern communication to serve our customers better. I especially respect your approach as someone searching and sharing as you are actually going through it. I’m so tired of self proclaimed experts just trying to sell something. Thanks again, Tom

    • says

      Tom: I couldn’t agree more about the future of marketing. In the past, big brands have set the tone for how businesses “should” market. It’s always been about features, functions, benefits, and don’t forget, glitz. In a world where everyone has access to everything, that’s not enough to make you stand out. I firmly believe “helpful” content marketing is a win-win for customers and businesses.

      Thank you for you kind words and encouragement. Episode 2, comin’ up!

      PS – I’d love to hear your suggestions for future topics that would be helpful to you.

    • says

      Ejr: Thank you so much for listening and for the encouragement. I’m thrilled to learn I’m moving in the right direction.

      Please stay tuned for episode 2, and beyond.

  2. Darlene Cary says

    Love your insight about flipping the marketing from the business standpoint to a customer focused message. Great first podcast!

  3. says

    Darlene: Thank you for the kind words and encouragement! It means a lot.
    Content (helpful) marketing isn’t new by any means. But the internet sure makes it easier and affordable to reach big audiences.

  4. says

    Hi Marshall. i just found out about your podcast and will definitely listen in for your knowledge and advice. If there is a way to identify the length of the podcast I think that would be valuable. I listened on my computer during lunch and had no idea how long you would be speaking. Knowing that might help me decide when to listen….at work, or on the drive home, etc. Good luck with this venture.

    • says

      Hi Vince:

      How great to hear from you here! Thank you for listening.

      I changed the player settings on the website version to show remaining time. That will show up as soon as you hit “play.” Also, If you listen or subscribe via iTunes, that player shows the total episode time. Although, for some reason, the iTunes Store isn’t showing the for episode #2. I’ll have to hunt down that glitch :-)

      Also, I plan to keep these episodes around 20-30 minutes, so they can fit into a drive time or workout.

      Great to have you here! Thank you.


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